Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Packing Again!

I'm soooo ready for a real vacation! I have been running around in circles for months, doing things for other people. My daughter, my husband, sister, mother, aunts, friends. But I;m so done with it right now. So I'm packing our bags to head to Disney World in the morning. It wouldn't have been my first choice for another vacation even though we had a blast last year when we went. But Disney is easy and it's fun and relatively inexpensive, especially with free dining. We're saving almost $500 just on the food (and you get a crap-load of food on their dining plan!).

Annabelle has been squealing with delight every day while doing her sticker countdown to Disney. Now the paper is full and she's like an excited puppy. Just imagine a brand new puppy who is excited to see you. They wag their tails so hard that their whole body vibrates. That is Annabelle right now! She keeps asking if Mickey will remember her and if she can sit by the window on the plane and if she gets to sleep in a hotel. Hotels are like crack to my 4 year old.

I'm looking forward to her face lighting up when she sees all of the rides and characters and parades. It will remind me of the ease that I must have had as a child to get excited. But I'm also excited to go on the Tower of Terror, even though I'll have to go alone, and acting like a kid again myself.

So I'm off to pack for our 8 day vacation to Fantasy Land. I'm not going to think about our dirty house or fights with friends or the fact that they might kick Annabelle out of the UPK program just because she will be out of school for 6 days. I'm not going to read blogs or check out Facebook. I HATE when people e-mail or update their statuses while on vacation. I seriously don't care or think about anyone back home when I'm on vacation. I try to soak up every single moment we're there. I don't knit pick over spending money either. Who knows when or if I'll ever be able to go again?

I'll be back after our time in the Land of Mouse. And while I may have wished for a vacation a little more grown-up friendly, I know I'll have a fantastic time making memories with my little family.


  1. Just an FYI, since you’re a new follower. I have had to shut down my blog for a short time, due to threats and harrssment. Might even have to start up a new one. ; (
    So don’t forget me.

  2. Hi, its me again. I have now started a whole new blog. : )
    Stop by and check it out.