Monday, February 27, 2012

Kalahari Water Park

We are back!  Our trip to Kalahari is over.  We had such a good time but three whole days in the water is more than I'll ever need again.  Annabelle was a brave girl and was willing to try everything at least once but she hated the bigger waterslides because she didn't like "slobbering around" inside the tubes.  We figured out that it meant the side to side sliding, the out of control feeling you get inside a tube water slide.  Her favorite part was the lazy river and the wave pool, where we spent a majority of our time.  She's already asking when we're going back, but I think it will be awhile.

A view from above.

Posing in her new bathing suit.

Mom and Annabelle in the wave pool.

Now it's dad's turn.

A small fountain in the kiddie area.

Getting ready.

On her way down, eyes closed tight.

She could have played in these for hours.  She loved them at Disney too.

Waiting for dinner with Brian and Kaylin.

The chlorine was very strong.  Annabelle was getting rashes on her skin from it.  We had to prop her up on the bed with no pants on otherwise she was in a lot of pain.

She got to watch a movie, so she was pretty happy.
We had so much fun together.  I'm sure we'll end up going again sometime but hopefully once Annabelle's a little bit more comfortable in and around the water.


  1. Looks like a great time, for all or you :)

  2. That does look like a blast! What a fun park! Hope she's getting better from the chlorine!

    1. She's much better and can't wait to go back. I'm thinking we may head over there next summer and do a day or two at the waterpark, a day at Cedar Point and then another couple of days at the science museum and A Christmas Story house:)

  3. I want to go! That looks fun!! I've gotta get in shape so I can be seen in a bathing suit with my kids.

    1. You are perfect going the way you look right now! I was worried about what I'd look like and I was looking good compared to many of the woman my age there:) Going there made me feel like a better parent and a sexy wife lol!

  4. save money don't buy bathing suits I prefer them naked 24/7