Friday, February 17, 2012

A Dream

I'm at school even though I'm an adult and I can't remember which bus I should be on.  I eventually pick one that seems to be going in the direction I want to go but it's crowded, so crowded that I have to stand.  After  quite a bit of time, we head into a forest or campground.  When the door is opened, a raccoon gets on the bus and starts attacking.  Biting and nipping, running over people, hopping on top of seats.  We're all screaming and crying and then... I wake up.

I've had this dream for two nights in a row now.  So I had to look up what it might mean.  I've done this in the past when I've had weird dreams and it usually makes no sense to me.  But this time, it resonated. 
  • school bus- venturing on a new journey, self discovery
  • raccoon- keeping a secret, anxiety
  • forest- searching for a better understanding of yourself
Maybe my dreams are trying to help me understand what my next step should be.  I hope they help soon.


  1. Did you look this up on line or in a book? I dream more than I live my real life and could use the help of your info. Thanks

    1. I just googled it. My BIL once bought me a book about dreams but it was awful.