Monday, August 27, 2012

A Look Into The Future

I have been looking into donating my wedding dress lately.  After we first got married, I thought I would never want to get rid of it.  All those memories were partially wrapped up in that dress.  And what if my future daughter wanted to wear her mother's wedding dress on her big day.  But then I started thinking, would I have wanted to wear my mother's dress?  No.  We were saving this dress, which takes up so much room, only to have to throw it out one day. 

But before I get rid of it, I needed just a few more dress memories.  Someday I will watch my daughter walk down the aisle on her father's arm and I will still be able to see her as a little girl, wearing my dress.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces

  • I was looking at some of my stats yesterday and the top search was Donnie Wahlburg's girlfriend.  If I were his girlfriend that would be the name of the blog.  I wouldn't be hiding the fact:)
  • My dad got the best possible news about his knee yesterday.  A loose knee cap.  I guess it will occasionally shift around on him but no need for surgery right now.  Maybe knee replacement down the line but not for a few years.
  • I decided to keep track of the books that I read this year.  So far I'm almost done with #40 with two more in my queue.  I'm pretty impressed with that number.  I thought I'd be at around 50 for the year so mid-August and at almost 41.  Awesome!
  • I am eagerly awaiting this coming Monday at noon.  Advanced dining reservations open up for the brand spanking new restaurant, Be Our Guest, in Disney World will open up.  We will luckily be in Disney for this and I so, so, so want to go eat there!
  • Just over three more months until vacation and I'm crafting up a storm.  I'm making super cute shirts for us to wear at Disney.  I'm going all out because we know we won't go back until Annabelle's older and much of that magic will be gone.
  • In a little less than two weeks, my girl will be a first grader!  Where is the time going?!
  • She is starting to get nervous about first grade though.  It happened when she started Kindergarten too so I know she'll be fine but it doesn't help her right now.
  • I have officially finished all of Annabelle's school shopping.  If I buy her any more clothing her drawers are going to burst.  I tell myself everytime not to go crazy on clothes but when you see the cutest little leggings and pink sweater coat, well I just have no will power at all.
  • On Wednesday, it was me and Mark's 17 year dating anniversary.  He may claim it doesn't count but without it, we wouldn't be getting ready to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss, the house, the cat,  the kid.  None of it. 
  • We're having a big party at my in-laws house this Saturday to introduce the entire family to Joy, My BIL girlfriend.  I feel sorry for her because the Gmerek side of the family is a little overwhelming.  At least they were to me the first time I met them all.
  • Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Dad

I love my dad.  He's far from perfect but I know without a doubt that he perfectly loves me.  He tends to be rather accident prone.  He's burned himself by fires, gotten run over by a fork lift, fallen off of roofs and ladders, almost drowned himself in mud while out four wheeling, and nailed himself through the hand to my sister's shed.  I'm constantly hearing about another hurt or fall or twist when I talk to my mom.  This time though he has done something but no one knows what exactly. 

Last week my mom asked me to take my dad to the doctor's office for x-rays.  His knee was swollen, couldn't bend.  He had to call off work all last week because he was in so much pain.  He never does that.  So after 3 sets of x-rays and an MRI... they still don't know what's wrong.  It might be scar tissue or really bad arthritis or a tear.

He started driving this week against every one's orders.  He has an appointment on Thursday with a specialist who will hopefully be able to tell us what's wrong.  Thursday can't come soon enough.  My dad is an accident waiting to happen.  I don't know what I'm going to do with him!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Month So Far

We've gone to the zoo.

Mark and I had a wedding to attend and he ended up being the sweaty guy.  But we had so much fun!

We had dinner on the canal and went to Darien Lake, one of our local amusement parks.

We went to Chalkfest downtown.

Then we went to a classic car show we just happened to be passing by.  A few people even let Annabelle sit inside their cars.  That never happens.

And lastly, we went to the Erie County Fair for twelve whole hours!  My feet and ankles were sore the next day.

That's been our last two weeks.  All of that plus gymnastics every week.  We're piling it all in before school starts in three weeks.  How about you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finishing the Room

When we first found out we were pregnant with Annabelle, we spent lots and lots of time making her room perfect.  Brand new everything, furniture (obviously), carpets, paint, windows, doors, moldings, everything.  Then she started growing (the nerve) and I decided she needed the bigger bedroom for all of her stuff.  I painted and bought new bedding and curtains, redid one of the two closets in there.  We still have to buy new carpet and closet doors but we finally finished the second closet in there. 

Since she's been born, we just kept all of her stuff downstairs.  Toys, books, all of it.  I didn't feel like having to be upstairs with her whenever she wanted to play and with the family room being pretty vacant most of the time, it worked for us.  But man, six years of accumulating makes for a very messy house.  This weekend Mark finally put up the shelving in the closet.  I'm slowly moving the downstairs toys in to the closet and Annabelle is so excited about it!  Each time I head upstairs, I grab another box or game or basket of toys to go in Annabelle's room.  Hopefully this will help us keep our house more under control because most of the time... well I'm sure all you others moms out there know.  It looks like a tornado has gone through.  I'm just so happy to be one step closer to clean!

Big and empty.

Starting to fill up but still tons of room!

Friday, August 3, 2012

She Loves Me

Along with all of the fun and excitement this past weekend, Annabelle also finally lost her second tooth.  It had been loose for almost three months.  I didn't think it would ever fall out but finally on Saturday, Mark brushed her teeth and it fell right out.  Now I don't expect to write about each and every tooth that falls out of my girls mouth.  I wouldn't want to bore anyone with that much minutiae.  I just wanted to tell my girls sweet story that she told me the next morning.

She woke up bright and early and came running into our bedroom, glittery dollar in hand.  All smiles.  Pure happiness.  All that joy makes it much easier to get up at 7am lol.  She snuggled in between Mark and I and told us her story. 

"Mom, I heard the tooth fairy last night.  I was sleep dreaming when I heard her.  She leaned over me, kissed my cheek and whispered, Goodnight Sweetheart.  I kept my eyes closed so that I wouldn't see her but I heard her and she loves me!"

My heart just about cracked open with love for my sweet girl.  I love that she would hear the tooth fairy but know that she needed to keep her eyes closed or the magic would be gone.  I'm so happy that her belief in the magical, in the impossible, is still so strong in her little six year old body. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Balloons Over Niagara

Buffalo loves a Fest.  Starting in June and going until almost October, there will be some sort of fest, fete, or show going on every single weekend.  There are art fests (multiple) Old Home Days, the Erie County Fair, Juneteenth, Polish Fests, Greek Heritage, Italian, German, Lebanese fests.  There is never a dull moment!

This past weekend we went to Balloon Fest.  I'm not sure if we've ever had a balloon fest before this but who doesn't want to see a bunch of hot air balloons floating through the sky?  I know that I certainly wanted to see that. 

We showed up around 3:30 and headed straight for the kids section.  Annabelle did some exuberant bouncing for almost an hour before she was so sweaty she was melting.  We grabbed some free! cupcakes and got Annabelle her first ever snow cone and rested underneath a tree in the shade.  Once we were all cooled down, we perused the shopping stalls where Annabelle was trying to convince Mark that she should buy me a secret present.  So cute!  We ate some dinner and pulled the car around to the edge of the field where they were going to launch the balloons.

Unfortunately the wind was blowing in the wrong direction so the balloons had to stay on the ground but they still heated them up for all to see.  We were able to to get right up close and talk to the owners of the balloons, touch the basket, and learn all kinds of interesting details about hot air balloon flight.  All in all, it was a great day.

A lime snow cone.

Open wide!

At first we didn't think we would be able to get so close.

Running closer!

Our view from the car!

Annabelle's favorite balloon.

Just a girl and her thoughts.

A few balloons moved to a different field and were able to fly over and land near us.

Annabelle takes a shot of Mark and me.

Family shot.

Inside the balloon.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

In December, my mom bought my dad a Living Social deal to race an actual NASCAR racecar at Dunn Tire Speedway.  My dad has always been a bit of a motor-head, drooling over cars, dreaming about hitting it big one day and buying every car that he's always dreamed of.  He'd done some drag racing and once did a demolition derby when I was a kid but he's always wanted to go fast.

When Mark heard about my dad's gift, he said he would want to do it too.  So my mom and I watched for any other deals that might come out and right before Mark's birthday, they offered the same deal again.  Fifteen laps for $150.  I split the cost with my parents and surprised Mark with a super cool gift.

On Sunday, Mark and my dad finally got to race.  They both seemed a little bit nervous but a lot of bit excited.  I got to go down into the pit area with Mark to watch his race from there but stayed in the stands for my dad.  It was neat to see Mark get into one of the suits and a helmet, climb into the car through the window.  I was just hoping that he wouldn't crash or wreck the car at all.  One guy did lose control of his car and spun out while another got a flat tire and had to be towed back in.  Mark and my dad though had no problems which was a relief. :)

Playing Angry Birds while waiting for the fun to start.

Mark and my dad's fans:)

In the fire suit.  It was so hot, almost 85 degrees out and at least 20 degrees hotter once you were in the car!

Posing with his new ride.

Going fast around the track.  He fishtailed slightly coming out of this turn!

And his prize, a hug from Annabelle.

My dad in the #15 car.

My dad speeding past #90!

It ended up being a very long day.  Tons of waiting around in all that heat but it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing.  I'm glad that they both had so much fun.