Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finishing the Room

When we first found out we were pregnant with Annabelle, we spent lots and lots of time making her room perfect.  Brand new everything, furniture (obviously), carpets, paint, windows, doors, moldings, everything.  Then she started growing (the nerve) and I decided she needed the bigger bedroom for all of her stuff.  I painted and bought new bedding and curtains, redid one of the two closets in there.  We still have to buy new carpet and closet doors but we finally finished the second closet in there. 

Since she's been born, we just kept all of her stuff downstairs.  Toys, books, all of it.  I didn't feel like having to be upstairs with her whenever she wanted to play and with the family room being pretty vacant most of the time, it worked for us.  But man, six years of accumulating makes for a very messy house.  This weekend Mark finally put up the shelving in the closet.  I'm slowly moving the downstairs toys in to the closet and Annabelle is so excited about it!  Each time I head upstairs, I grab another box or game or basket of toys to go in Annabelle's room.  Hopefully this will help us keep our house more under control because most of the time... well I'm sure all you others moms out there know.  It looks like a tornado has gone through.  I'm just so happy to be one step closer to clean!

Big and empty.

Starting to fill up but still tons of room!

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