Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Dad

I love my dad.  He's far from perfect but I know without a doubt that he perfectly loves me.  He tends to be rather accident prone.  He's burned himself by fires, gotten run over by a fork lift, fallen off of roofs and ladders, almost drowned himself in mud while out four wheeling, and nailed himself through the hand to my sister's shed.  I'm constantly hearing about another hurt or fall or twist when I talk to my mom.  This time though he has done something but no one knows what exactly. 

Last week my mom asked me to take my dad to the doctor's office for x-rays.  His knee was swollen, couldn't bend.  He had to call off work all last week because he was in so much pain.  He never does that.  So after 3 sets of x-rays and an MRI... they still don't know what's wrong.  It might be scar tissue or really bad arthritis or a tear.

He started driving this week against every one's orders.  He has an appointment on Thursday with a specialist who will hopefully be able to tell us what's wrong.  Thursday can't come soon enough.  My dad is an accident waiting to happen.  I don't know what I'm going to do with him!

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