Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm getting ready for vacation in a few days.  And baby, I am ready for it.  The weather has been just awful lately.  We'll have a nice sunny 60-70 degree day and then it rains and it's windy.  Case in point, Saturday it was 75 degrees out.  We started working on the deck, got out the swings and playhouse in the back yard, went for a bike ride and a hike to feed the chipmunks.  Today it is 40 degrees, rainy and cold.  What the heck Mother Nature!

OK that was a little bit of a diversion.  I'm packing, for vacation, to New Orleans.  Weather.com says near 90 and no rain for the entire time we will be there.  I cannot wait for the warmth, though I am worried about the sunburn that I will get.  There is no avoiding it for me. So the list is made and the suitcases are out of the closet.  I'm looking through all of my cute skirts and dresses for our five day trip.  I know I'll miss my little girl but I wish Sunday would hurry up and get here:)


  1. Sunscreen baby! Have a great time.

  2. I know that they say you don't need anything over 30 spf but I have my 70 spf in th ebag alreday:)