Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day of Celebration!

***I have been completely MIA the last two weeks.  I haven't written or read any blogs at all in this time.  I thought after getting the week off while on vacation would make me eager to blog, but it didn't.  It has felt good to disconnect for awhile.  I haven't been Fb'ing or blogging, my cell phone has been off.  But I think I'm ready to reconnect.  We shall see.***

The reason for today's post is that it is Mark's 34th birthday!!  He doesn't really care about his birthday, never has, at least for the almost 16 years that I've known him.  He's always very blase about it.  Doesn't want gifts, no big celebrations.  This year he asked for me to make him cheeses fondue and a big fancy salad for dinner.  I bought him a new golf glove and a hobo pie maker.  We don't usually go nuts on birthdays but this seems a little on the light side.  I also know that he'll be happy with that, so that's what counts.

I have known him for almost half of my life and I still love him like crazy.  He makes me laugh and has given me a life that is wonderful and fulfilling.  I hope that I have given him at least this much too.  So even though I know he won't read this, I love you Mark and hope your birthday is special and wonderful and memorable for you!


  1. Sounds like a great birthday! Hope you both enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Jill, I know that we will. We thrive on the little things.