Monday, May 2, 2011


I've been at this whole blogging thing for close to a year now.  I'm not really all that computer literate.  I don't like to spend a lot of time on the computer so I usually do what I need to do and get out.  Check my e-mail, FB, read the handful or so of blogs that I check almost daily, then I'm done.  More than a half an hour or so and I go buggy. 

But recently I was playing around here and found the stats button.  Now I know that I had seen it every single time that I had written out a post before, I just never paid any attention to it before.  But holy moly, I'm hooked!  I love seeing how many views I've gotten and seeing what seems to interest people the most.  I check them almost every single day, though actually not the weekends.  I don't blog or read blogs or even check e-mail and FB during the weekends.  But come Monday morning, and I'm looking it up.  I looked at them right before I started writing this.

I get so many hits for Mismatch Day.  I didn't know it was so difficult for people to put together a horribly mismatched, ugly outfit.  But people seem to need help with this.  And it is weird to me that people in Russia or Indonesia or China are reading something that I've written.  Or that the silly little things that I write, for myself mostly, has been viewed over 1000 times!  It boggles my mind.  I'm really not that interesting, or am I?

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