Friday, April 29, 2011


they have power. It doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl, gay or straight. They are right there in your face, all the time. I personally think they are completely over-rated, which my husband disagrees with. He is the classic boob guy. But to me, they are just a pain in my ass. They are always in the way. I have a hell of a time finding new bras that fit right and are comfortable. I'm not huge, but I'm bigger than most people realize.

I grew up in a household where boobs were treated as an annoyance. My mom hates her double D's and insists on walking around bra-less whenever possible. She hates them so much that that is most likely why I feel the same way. I see all the little A and B cup bras and I want those, not my D-cups, blech. But boobs are out there all the time. On TV, in commercials, walking down the street.

Every month, I get together with my friends. Eight girls of varying shapes and sizes. At least once every time we get together the topic comes up. When one of the girls mentioned that she was going in for a consult for a boob job, it started all kinds of discussions.  At least two other girls complain about how flat theirs are after breastfeeding two kids and wish they weren't pancakes anymore and hope to get lifts sometime in the future. Two of us are fine with what God has given us and the other three don't really have much to say. But it always is a topic for conversation.

I was worried that my friend (cousin actually) would look weird after she got bigger boobs.  Would they be these two huge balloons on her chest?  I know that she had always wanted bigger ones but was surgery the way to go?  I wasn't sure but I have always been in a completely different frame of mind when it comes to this.  I don't fault her with wanting to improve herself, even if improving means something more radical.  I know that I have friends, at least two of them in the group, that seem pretty against it.  Even to the point that I wouldn't feel comfortable telling them if I was having any plastic surgery of any kind, not that I am.

In the end, she had the surgery and she looks about the same as she always did.  She just didn't have the add two sizes bra and the chicken cutlets and all the other things she used to boost herself up and out.  I was glad she looked like her and that she seems happy with her decision.

But it makes me wonder why are they so important? Is it our culture? Do they have this significance in India or Iceland? I don't know and I don't want to actually do any research on it. But I'm still curious.  Will a new body part someday be the "it" area?  Just like the idea of what is beautiful changes constantly, will boobs someday be passe?  I'm doubting it.


  1. I used to be upset that I had average sized ones. and then I lost most of them when I lost weight. and it really upset me.
    but now that its been awhile Im finally ok with it.
    I think I look just as good without big ones as I did when I had boobs.

    : ) Its all good.

  2. Like I said, I don't really care about them. I have other body parts that I would LOVE to change but it seems almost impossible right now. I'm good with me though (most of the time anyway) so I'll let it go at that.