Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's Spring Break and many people head out to warmer climes for their Easter festivities.  Normally, there are no dance classes held this week, but my dance instructor had nothing better to do so we had a class anyways.  It was completely optional but we were thisclose to being done and I wanted to go.  Except I'm starting to regret it.  My tailbone is a black and blue mess.

This is my 11th year dancing, with one year off when I was pregnant.  Each year there are bits and pieces about the dance, the song, the costume, that I've not been thoroughly in love with.  But this year, this year we are trying new things and it's great.  All kinds of cool lyrically type moves, a little less jazzy.  Jumps and turns and ground work, even a lift.  The ground work is what is making me hurt today though.  I'm supposed to be laying on the ground rolling up and down, trying to look like my body is breathing in and out, plus adding in just a little bit of sexy.  Well the bruised tailbone from all this sexy rolling, probably about 50 times, is my penance.    I'm just happy that I got out of the spinning jumping to the ground thing that some other people are doing.  My knees are at least thanking me for that.

It hurts to sit.  I need one of those bum donuts.  I made Mark look at it.  At first when I said, "Here look at my butt." he thought I was being all sexy and playful.  Then I bent over and he acted like my butt had the plague!  Seriously, it ain't pretty but to back away in horror?  Give me a break!  There are things I've had to look at on him that were less than pleasant, dislocated fingers and jock itch.  I didn't make a big deal out of it.

So I'm going to relax and take it easy today.  Maybe make a butter lamb.  My bum deserves it. :)

***I just realized that I have to go to the chiropractor on Friday.  Hopefully the bruise will be gone by then because when he stretches out my tailbone, it will hurt like a mother!***

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