Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Husband

Today I'm linking up with Kandiland to brag about my spouse!  Mark and I have been together for almost 16 years.  We met back in the spring of 1995, working at Burger King.  I was only 17 years old and was clueless that this boy would turn into the man I would marry.

This is our first Halloween together.  Gosh, we were just babies!

I fell in love with him because of his personality.  He's kind and funny, very thoughtful.  He would write me poetry and songs, buy little gifts to make me smile.  He has the best smile, so big and genuine.  He is polite and sweet.  I had never been with anyone so wonderful.  We dated for 7 years before we got engaged.  We had amazingly fun times and lows so low that they still make me cry to think of them.  There were a few times that I didn't think we'd make it but we already had so much together.  Breaking up wasn't really in the cards.

So on Sweetest Day, 2002, Mark proposed with five tiny little carved out pumpkins.  As I opened each pumpkin, they said Will You Marry Me.  The last one held my ring.  It is things like that, that get to me.  He took so much time to make it perfect.  There was major thought put into it so that I could be proud of the way he did it.  So that I would tear up telling people how we got engaged.

So one year later, on Sweetest Day, we got married.  It was perfect.  I've never had more fun and I swear no one else's wedding could have been better (I know everyone thinks that though).
With this ring...

Man and Wife
We bought a house, planned on a baby.  We were lucky, the first time we were able to try for a baby, I got pregnant.  We were so excited!  After we found out we were having a girl, Mark would whisper to my belly every single day, "Hi Sghetta, it's Daddy.  I love you."  When he came home from work, he would ask how his two favorite girls were.  We made her room perfect.  He came to the baby shower and wore silly hats and cried at people's generosity for our baby who wasn't even here yet. 

Mark earned/won a free trip to Mexico from work.  Being seven months pregnant didn't stop us from going.  We went snorkeling, saw a whale and her calf while out on a huge pontoon boat, went deep sea fishing (I was the only person on the boat who didn't get sea sick).  We went on a diner cruise and I dance the Tango with a professional up on the stage.  We entered a dance contest.
We had the best time!
Mark never acted like I was a crazy woman even though I'd cry over improperly folded socks or a ruined batch of Christmas cookies.  He didn't treat me like an invalid either, though many people did.  He told me I was beautiful every day, which did wonders for my self-esteem when I was feeling huge and fat.  He played with all of the baby toys and dreamed about the happy future we would have with out little girl.

And one day late, she was here!  She was screaming and pooping all over the place.  Nothing would calm her down.  Then Mark leaned over her in the warmer and said, "Hi Sghetta, it's Daddy.  I love you."  Her eyes opened wide, her head swiveled to him, she stopped crying.  She knew that her Daddy was there.  She knew his love from the moment she was born.  She is so lucky to have him.

Now we are here, married almost eight years.  I know I love him for all of these reasons.  He makes me feel special everyday.  I love when we have time together to talk about anything and everything, politics, news, friends, our day, random things that just pop out of our mouths.  We hold hands when we're in the car and anytime we get a chance to, often while we are falling asleep.  Even with his snoring and teeth grinding and elbows to the head, I love sleeping next to him.  Knowing I can just reach over and snuggle into him if I need to, is perfect.  He is the person that I tell all of the news, what we talked about at GNI or dance class.  He lets me ramble on about my family and friends when they are all over me.  He talks me off of the ledge when I'm falling apart.  He makes me a better person. 
He is my best friend.


  1. Oh, I love it! "Elbows to the head" made me laugh out loud! :) What a sweet man you are married sounds like you two are a wonderful match. I even got teary a few times - especially when your daughter was born and she recognized his voice. Thank you for writing this, I SO enjoyed reading it. Who knew things like this could happen at Burger King? ;) Great job.

  2. What a sweet post about your man! I feel the same way about sleeping with my snorer/whole body jerker....I LOVE that your daughter recognized his voice!!!

  3. Thank you girls! I know I am very lucky to have him. It helps to have nice things written down to go back to look at when I'm annoyed with his dirty socks on the floor:)