Friday, April 8, 2011


I have had a migraine, of varying degrees, for 5 days.  Monday afternoon it started and it hasn't really stopped since.  There are times when the medicine works and the pain stops, though I still usually have all of the other symptoms and just that vague knowledge that the headache isn't gone.  Just waiting to attack again.  Right now I feel it throbbing in my temple, sliding down and coiling itself around the base of my skull.  It doesn't hurt a lot but it's there, nagging at me.

I have been getting these since I was in the eighth grade.  One a week, for most of my life, and they have been getting worse.  I've tried 5 different medications without much relief.  I've done acupuncture which helped a little bit but it just wasn't convenient for me at the time.  Now I'm trying chiropractic care.  I'm not seeing results yet but it's only been a week.

Here in Buffalo, there is a place called the Dent Neurological Treatment Center, and they are doing migraine testing there.  It is less than 5 minutes from my house.  They run commercials from time to time on the TV and this week I actually looked into it.  Their premise is that some migraines are caused by a heart defect.  It sounds like most people don't even know they have it.  If the defect is fixed, the migraines might go away.  I'm on the fence right now.  Do I possibly have surgery and get better?  What if something goes wrong?  I'd rather live with pain than be dead, unable to watch my little girl grow up.  Unable to grow old with my husband.  I admit it, I'm scared.  I'm going to try the chiropractor for a few more months and see how things go.  Otherwise, I may have to take more drastic measures.


  1. I never had headaches till I was diagnosed with Lupus. Then I started getting what they called cluster headaches and mirgranes.
    Because of this I totally feel your pain.
    I am so sorry you have to go thru this.

  2. Thank you kittycat. I'm getting close to my wits end.