Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Big Sucker

Back in October, we went on a family vacation to the happiest place on Earth, otherwise known as Disney World.  We spent eight wonderful days there and had a blast.  We went on a gazillion rides and saw every show.  Oh, and we ate, and ate, and ate.  The dining plan is absolutely fantastic.  You get so much food for your money.  We get the mid-level dining package which includes one quick service meal, one sit-down meal and one snack per person per day.  We always pack our own breakfast stuff, granola and protein bars, dry cereal, pop-tarts, because we aren't big first thing in the morning meal eaters.  But anyways, it ends up being a lot of food to eat and on this last trip we had 21 snack credits between the 3 of us.  On our last day at the park we had 9 or 10 snack credits left so we spent them at Goofy's Candy Co.  We ended up with so much candy coming home and it lasted us a long time, sometime into January.  We had only one piece of Disney candy left and Annabelle got it.

 It was one big sucker!  A strawberry flavored Minnie Mouse sucker to be exact.  Do not look at my messy house in the background, just look at the cutie with the sucker.
 So she did some posing for me until she was tired of waiting and needed to eat that sucker!
 Her first lick was pretty good.
 She seemed to enjoy the second one too.
Then she just had to play it up a little bit.  She loves to ham it up for the camera.

After we took the pictures, the sucker only lasted another 5 minutes or so.  She decided is was, in Annabelle speak, gusgusting (disgusting).  She threw it in the garbage.  Oh well, one snack credit wasted but at least we had a good time posing with the sucker, even if eating it wasn't in the cards.

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