Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Butter Lamb

Our Easter Weekend Extravaganza began on Good Friday when Annabelle and I made our butter lamb. Most people buy a molded one but Mark's family has always made them every year. This would be the first time that I attempted to make one with Annabelle. It had also been quite a few years since I had made one with Mark so it took some researching- a call to my mother-in-law. So here is a quick, step-by-step demonstration on how to make your very own home-made butter lamb.

Start with a stick and a half of batter.  Cut two triangles and stick them to the bases head.

Get out one small strainer.  This is to make the wool.  I think you could also use a garlic press.  It would be less messy.

Put one tablespoon of butter in the strainer and push it through.

The butter will look like a puff ball on the other side once your done.

Scoop the butter off of the strainer and artfully arrange it on the butter base.

Once the entire base is covered with woolly butter, get three cloves.

Place them on the lambs face for eyes and a nose.

Add a little red tail flag and you have yourself one completed butter lamb.

And one happy little girl:)
I only had 3/4 pound of butter so I skimped a bit a on the height of the lamb's head/neck.  It's a little bit too short so it looks like a sheep dog to me as opposed to a lamb.  Annabelle was happy and it still looked cute so I'm OK with it.  Making a butter lamb is MESSY.  There were little buttery fingerprints all over the kitchen table and I had to change Annabelle's clothes before we left the house because there were butter spots all over them. 

After we finished cleaning up, we went to my parents house for a fish fry.  My mom and dad have a big ole' party every year on Good Friday.  They make beer battered fish and french fries, tuna and potato salad, rye bread, the whole nine yards.  About 50 people show up and we always have a great time catching up with family and friends that we only see a few times a year.  It was extra festive this year because the Sabres are in the playoff hunt.  It was so much fun watching the game, everyone cheering together for or team.  Luckily we won so it made it even better:) 


  1. I've never seen or even heard of a butter lamb. It is so cute! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. It's very popular here in Buffalo, due to the big Polish population. My hubs is 100% Polish so it's a big deal with his side of the family. They fun to make and don't take much time so it's a good project for kids.