Friday, April 1, 2011

Wasting My Time

Last week, one of the little girls, I'll call her A., in Annabelle's class asked to play with Annabelle after school.  She was with her grandfather, not her mom, so I replied that we would talk next week and set a date.  Monday morning comes around and A. runs over and asks when we will have a play date, so I ask her mother if we could get together.  She replies that Tuesdays and Fridays are good but this Tuesday is busy.  She also volunteers to pick the girls up and that I could pick Annabelle up after a few hours.  Now I usually stay  during the play date but I was OK with the plans.  Then I didn't see A.'s mom pick her up or drop her off all week but that's pretty normal.  I'm always punctual and A.'s mom is not, whatever, we're different, that's fine.  But here's what annoys me. 

This morning, we pull up and see A. and her mom waiting outside the school.  Annabelle runs over and yells, "I'm coming to your house today!"  Then she gives A. a huge hug.  Neither of them say anything.  I don't have their address and have never been to their home so I was waiting for  something from their end.  The classroom door opens and the masses rush in and I lose sight of A.'s mom.  So I don't get to ask any of the pertinent info.

Two and a half hours later. I'm at the school and I don't see A.'s mom.  We get let in, hear the spiel, kids are released to parents.  We wait around for a few minutes but Annabelle's whining about a paper cut on her finger, so I get ready to leave.  As I'm walking out, I see A.'s grandfather walking in.

Now I'm mad.  I was under the impression that we had plans, especially because A.'s mom offered to drive the girl's home, let me off the hook.  She basically made the plans and instead of letting me know that it wasn't happening, she just ignores us!  I'm at a loss.  Both of our kids wanted to play together, we make plans and then you just bail?  Grow up!  If you weren't feeling it, just say you're busy this week.  I wouldn't keep pushing you.  I wasn't thrilled with having our kids having a play date anyways.  A. is so boy crazy, that it isn't even funny.  I don't need that rubbing off on Annabelle.  I'm just so annoyed right now I could scream.

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  1. I would of been soooo pissed I prob would of called her.

    I hate games like that.
    Common courtesy.

    You haver every right to be angry. its unfortunate though that the kids suffer in the end.