Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Little Bee

That's me!  Even with all the stress of having Mark gone and Annabelle sick, I've managed to get some stuff done.  We are now thisclose to having Annabelle's room finished, you know almost two years after we moved her over there. 

When we found out that I was pregnant, we ran around making her nursery perfect.  New windows, closets, doors, carpet, molding, a chandelier, furniture.  Everything.  Then I decided that she needed the bigger bedroom.  And when I decide something, I need to do it, like, now.  Except we didn't have time to rip out carpets and rearrange closets and install new doors.  That stuff is expensive and takes time, especially when my perfectionist husband is the one to do it.

I'm actually planning on using the money I made at our garage sale to buy closet doors for both closets and a new door for her room.  Right now they are hollow, cheapo doors.  I want all wood ones.  They look so much nicer.  After that it's the carpet which will be pricey but she deserves it.  So that was why I finally started finishing up things that needed to be done in her room.  I put in the closet organizer.  It doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but I usually just let Mark do it.  He's stronger and has more patience for that kind of stuff.  But again we're busy so I decided to tackle it.  And I did it!  All by myself. 

I went and comparison shopped at multiple stores, bought it, and tore apart the closet which was stuffed with... stuff.  Then I painted it decided how I wanted to shelves and bars to hang and drilled and hammered and screwed until it was finished.  I was so excited and it looks so cute with her little dresses hung up all in a row.  Plus I have a place for her laundry basket and the comforter and her stool and so much more!  Can you tell that I'm happy?

One of her closets.  The other one I have plans to turn into a reading nook kinda thing.  Some shelving and a padded bench.  Her own little spot.

Tinkerbell flying along the ceiling.  I'm still loving the pixie dust that I stenciled:)

Even the light switch has to be decorated!

The dresser, book and game shelves, and doll house.  The other side has a full size bed, giant toy box that Mark made for her 1st birthday and hamper plus the two closets.  The girl has a big room!

 So how do you think I did?  Pretty darn cute huh?  Are there any projects that you've done that you're proud of?  Tell me about them!

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