Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Hot!

  1. I'm trying not to complain, but it's been near 90 degrees for the past few days and it will be staying there all week.  All we're doing is sweating and swimming!  I am not a hot weather kind of girl.
  2. Because of all of the swimming, Annabelle has her first ever tan lines.  That little, white bum of hers is cute!  I have refrained form taking a picture of it because she is 5 years old now.  It would be wrong!
  3. But you have no idea how bad I want that photo!  Back away form the camera!
  4. Annabelle's been going to Letters Camp the past 2 weeks.  It runs for 5 weeks but does it really need to start at 8:30am?  Having to get up at 7:30 is killing me even though I know it will help once she has to start waking up even earlier than that to start school.
  5. Speaking of school, 6 more weeks until my baby starts Kindergarten!  Time. goes. too. quickly.
  6. I have already bought all of her school supplies and saved $16 off the price the school wanted to charge me for the same exact items.  Take that Heim!  They were acting like the convenience of having the items picked out and shipped to my house would outweigh the cost.  I don't think so.
  7. My mom will be here soon with my niece and nephew.  She's watching them while my sister is at work.  I'm wondering if my sister will be thrilled with that idea since we are still not on steady ground with each other.  Do you think we will ever gt back to that point?  It's seems doubtful to me.
  8. Annabelle told me yesterday that her favorite girl in the whole world is... Mrs. Pierce.  Our next door neighbor.  Just stab me in the heart kid, really, it would hurt less!

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