Monday, July 25, 2011


I try to be pretty frugal.  I don't go crazy with money, I use coupons and adore a good sale.  I have been known to squeal with delight while going through discount racks.  So because of this, there are things that we sometimes do without.  We save our money for the fun extras in life, an occasional fancy meal out, a nicer vacation every year.  I try not to go spending crazy at Annabelle's birthday or Christmas.  I don't want her to be that spoiled kid.

Now I know that almost every kid out there has one of those Power Wheel motorized cars for their kids.  It's like a right of passage now-a-days.  Annabelle didn't have one.  I wasn't spending $300 on something that would just take up too much room in our house/garage.  My nephew got one for his first birthday.  His little legs weren't even long enough to reach the pedals.  My dad would use his cane (he has gout and arthritis and when it acts up he has a hard time walking) to push the gas and then ride Austin and Annabelle around the backyard.

Her first birthday!
I thought it was such a waste of money!  But my sister can do what she likes with hers and I'll do what I want with mine.  Annabelle would want to play on Austin's truck whenever we were at Aunt Heather's house.  By last summer, they had a total of three of those riding cars for her two children.  I still wasn't buying one of those things.  No way!

Then back in June, Mark's cousin was having a 40th wedding anniversary party for her parents and we were invited.  I already had plans so Mark took Annabelle by himself.  When he got home, he had a kid-sized 4 wheeler in the back.  Dawn had an extra one and decided to give it to us for free.  (I love free)  The battery was dead so we needed to buy a new one.  Other than that it worked just fine.  We finally got the new battery this weekend, and all she wants to do is ride around.

A quick pose.

Under the crab apple tree with Pooh along for the ride.
Man, this is the best free gift we have ever gotten :)


  1. I like free too. I'm glad she loves it. My kids would go crazy for one of those. :)

  2. Wow, what a thoughtful gesture. My kids would have loved one of those. We must have missed the craze by a few years, thank goodnes! I wouldn't spend that much either. Have a great week!

  3. We wouldn't have one if it hadn't been free. We were wishing we could have brought it to the zoo with us yesterday. It goes at just the right speed to walk behind it:)

  4. My hubby would never give in to one of those, but if free....well them maybe. Annabelle's a lucky girl, I'm sure she loves it.

  5. Free is good! And what a beautiful girl.