Monday, July 11, 2011

When it rains...

it pours.  Last week and this coming week are going to be hard on me.  So much stuff is causing me grief or going wrong!  Last week Mark was out of town for work.  I hate when he's gone overnight.  But we knew it was important for him to go.  That's not usually the end of the world but it was hard for some reason.  Annabelle started Literacy Camp and getting up so early in the morning was making her cranky with a capital C.  And she was constantly asking for her Daddy, I miss Daddy, when is Daddy coming home. 

We just found out that he could be losing his job in September because he will no longer have funding on the project he's working on.  He says he's not super worried but that's not stopping him from doing anything that they are asking him to do right now.  He's hoping that his security clearance gives him some leg up on some of the other guys there.  I'm worried though.  He doesn't make a ton of money but it's enough that I'm able to stay home and be a mom and wife first.  I was thinking of getting a part time job this fall after Annabelle's in Kindergarten but it would have been play money.  Not something that we would actually need.

Then on Friday, after I had to send her to her room because she wasn't being a good listener, she felt hot.  I took her temperature and it was 102.3, yuck.  We had fun things planned for Saturday with some of our friends, Pirate's Weekend at Olcott Beach and Carousel Park.  It sounded so fun and we couldn't go with a sick kid.  But I was just really upset that her fevers are starting up again.  Very early Saturday morning, Annabelle wakes up (1am-ish) with her fever sky-rocketing and police cars EVERYWHERE on our street.  It turns out that a drunk driver hit a 18 year old girl right at the end of our street.  He left the scene and was caught later on at a gas station. This man is a doctor, former board of trustee at Buffalo General (a local hospital).  The girl died.  She was getting ready to start college in a few weeks, all she was doing was riding her skateboard home from work.  It's just so pointless.

All day Saturday and all day Sunday Annabelle's fever was high.  She was eating next to nothing and going back and forth between Motrin and Tylenol wasn't doing much for her.  The while her hot, little body is sitting on my lap, the TV makes this loud popping noise and the screen goes black.  There was still sound but no screen.  Now we have to buy a new TV!  We don't have $1000 just laying around.  We can afford one but that just means no quick long weekend type vacation for us this year.

And now Mark is again gone until at least Wednesday, maybe Thursday for work.  Luckily Annabelle's fever broke during the night, though she did throw up all over the couch this morning.  So fun.  I'm just hoping things will be getting better this week or I just might cry!

I swear I'll try to write something happier for tomorrow:)


  1. Hope the little one is feeling better today, It's hard when they are sick, but she's lucky to have a loving mommy to keep her save and sound.

  2. She is doing better thank you as am I. Things always turn around when she is smiling and laughing.