Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Give Me Fever

When Mark and I first started dating, we worked together at Burger King.  I will always tell people that it was one tough job, which I know people scoff at, but there were so many little things that had to be done on a consistent basis.  You very rarely had any down time.  I made lots of friends and acquaintances while I worked there and though it was hard work, I also made sure that there were fun times too.  Time to laugh and be an 18 year old kid. 

One of the friends that I made there was a giant of a black man, named Butch.  Six foot two or three and easily 300 pounds but he was a teddy bear of a guy.  His real name was Alfred, which he absolutely hated.  I had so much fun laughing with him every time we worked together.  I can remember one particular night, it was either after we closed or it was just dead, but we were doing all the little miscellaneous stuff that doesn't always get done.  Washing windows, polishing brass, wiping down ice machines, things like that.  Mark, Butch and I were getting our work done, talking, when all of the sudden Peggy Lee's Fever comes on.  There is just something about that song that I have always loved, so sultry.  And Butch, my big old teddy bear Butch, starts dancing around the restaurant with a broom.  Singing into the handle like an old microphone from the 50's.  All three of us laughed and sang and danced and just had so much much fun.

So you're probably wondering why in the world I'm writing about this.  It probably seems so random.  This week at Zumba, we started a new cool down song.  The previous one was The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson.  There's always a 30 second lull between the last song and the cool down to let everyone catch their breath, get a drink.  That's when the instructor mentioned it will be a new song.  And then I hear those first few notes of Fever this one by Michael Buble but still so, so good.  As soon as I heard those notes, I was transported back to Burger King, to the innocence that I didn't know I had back then.  Without the worries of adulthood.  I remembered my friend.  I felt good and light and happy.  Sometimes memories hurt me but this one buoyed me up.  I think that this song will always do that for me.


  1. Music does that for me, just transports me back. Good memory. Love that song too. To be young again.

  2. What a great memory, dont you just love those days of being a kid, wouldnt want to go back but oh yah...those were the days.

  3. I love when a simple song can transport me back to those easier days. Some memories are hard, but I love when it's a light, easy one like this.

  4. Yes, songs can bring back great memories.


  5. That's a sweet memory. Sometimes I hear a certain song and I'm reminded too of certain times and places and it feels good to go back and relive them.