Monday, March 26, 2012

Report Crads

On Friday we had a parent/teacher conference with Annabelle's teacher.  Overall, I knew she was doing fine.  I could see the progress that she is making but I was still worried (though that is probably too strong of a word) that we would get some less than stellar news.  I worry that she is just too much like me.  I wish she had gotten more of Mark's resolve for things.  She tends to fall into her own little world and it's hard to get her out of it.  I was like that as a child and to be perfectly honest, I still am.

But all went well!  Mrs. Tripi told us we have a smart, exceptionally kind, sweet, thoughtful little girl.  She's a bit more immature than most of the other kids in the class, which we already knew.  Without another sibling to push her along, we have let her stay in a younger world than would have happened with a baby around.  We are OK with that though.  We want to her to be little while she can, because she grows too fast.  She told us once again what an amazing artist she is, one of the best in the class and that her journaling is improving leaps and bounds.  We were able to voice our concerns, ask if there was a way to request a certain boy in her class not be in it next year, and see what we can help her to work on.

I walked away from the conference feeling like at least I'm doing one thing right.  I'm raising a little girl who is loving and loved by others in return.  I am one proud mama right now.

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