Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Family Members

We are a happy family of three, plus one handsome cat.  I thought we were perfectly complete, that is until Annabelle decided she needed two more family members.  Mickey Mouse and Orangey, our new fish.  We're not sure how long they will live because we don't have them set up quite to standards but for now she won't leave them alone for even a second.

Filling the bowl

In their bags waiting to be introduced to their new home.

Opening the bags.

Mickey Mouse and Annabelle checking each other out.

Orangey on the left, Mickey Mouse on the right.
We still need to buy some more stones for the bottom and Annabelle wants a plant and a castle for the tank.  Maybe the Easter Bunny can bring her some of that stuff though.


  1. That's too cute! I actually can't wait for the day that W gets his first fish!

    Love her eyes when they "meet" each other! So full of wonder!

    1. Annabelle has the craziest eyes and facial expressions sometimes. She cracks me up with them!

  2. We went through so many fish...kind of glad that part is over. You know WHO always ended up cleaning the nasty tank. Hope Annabelle enjoys her new friends :)