Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This and That

  • The weather here is outrageously warm, ranging from the mid 70's to over 80 today!  We've been living outside on the deck and Annabelle's swing set is getting a workout, that is for sure.
  • One good thing about all the fresh air is that Annabelle crashes when we put her to bed.  One book and she's out.
  • I'm trying to figure out what I want to to for Annabelle's birthday party.  I know that I have more than 2 months until she turns six but for me, this is really late to start planning.
  • I'm starting to slowly go through the menus for the restaurants at Disney World for our trip in November.  I need to sit down with my mom to figure things out so that we can make our reservations on June 2.
  • Since I mentioned Disney, it is so hard trying to keep it a secret from Annabelle.  It's all the girl can talk about!
  • I really want to see Mirror, Mirror when it comes out at the movies.  I'm pretty sure Mark will try to veto me though.
  • I still haven't gone in for my blood work.  I'm such a baby.
  • I have six books checked out from the library right now and I'm spending every free minute reading and reading and reading.
  • I think Annabelle will be getting her dance costume tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that it looks cute.


  1. Yay for Disney!

    We hope to go in June 2013!

  2. I like these kind of blogs...they're just fun to read!

  3. We have had a couple of nice days too (finally) and same thing kids hit the pillow and they are out. Refreshing when other nights it is sometimes a bit of a struggle. I want to know too, whatch reading? I am always looking for more books to put on my read list. And Disney World, how fun. Hoping we can get to Disneyland in the next year.