Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am crazy addicted to shoes.  I know that most women are but I was once known as the girl with all the shoes when I was in high school.  People would come into class and look at my shoes every day just to which ones I was wearing.  I didn't have a million pairs or anything but they must have been special or different enough for people to notice.

I was sorta high maintenance in high school.  Contacts in, make up done, hair curled, outfit picked to not look too much like everyone else's.  I wore lipstick every second of my life- deep, dark red.  Slowly though, I let it go.  Mark didn't want to kiss me with lipstick on, it was so hard wearing those fancy heels while trying to make it to class at UB.  I had my moments to dress up and feel pretty- weddings, special date nights, girls night out at the clubs dancing to all hours.

The I got married and had a baby and stopped working and all those opportunities to but those cute new shoes were few and far between.  But then three years or so ago.  I found a new brand of shoe that I love.  I am now the proud owner of five pairs of Crocs.  Not the big ugly gross looking Crocs, but cute little sandal-type Crocs.  And I have just gone and bought myself two new pairs plus a pair for Annabelle.  They are so comfy and cute all at the same time. 

Mark is so not going to be happy that I've spent $80 on more shoes that he thinks I don't need but can you blame me?  They are cute!


  1. I'm a "shoe girl" as well, you wouldn't have to convince me that you need those cute crocs. :)

  2. I envy girls like you . I love shoes and purses.
    If I spend money it's normally on gym attire.
    Running shoes, shirts, or shorts.

    I was told not too recent that I dress like a college student. I'm all about casual and comfort.

  3. Those are very cute!

    I have never been a shoe person. I like flip flops. :)

  4. Cute and comfy. Sounds worth it to me!