Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scaring Myself Silly

Sometimes my brain does some really strange things to me.  I don't know where the thoughts come from, but they well up and I can't stop them.  Mark is out of town, it's not a big deal now that Annabelle's feeling better.  So last night I'm getting ready for bed, making sure doors are locked, windows shut- that sort of thing. 

As I'm checking to make sure the sliding glass door is locked, I start imagining that there is someone out there.  Watching me.  He knows I'm alone.  He knows I don't have anything but our bat, Big Red, under the bed.  After I get started with those thoughts, I'm frantic.  Throwing all of the curtains closed, running up the stairs, slamming bedroom doors.  I hopped onto the bed, threw the covers over my head and prayed to just go to sleep and to stop thinking about it.  When I told Mark about it when he called, he just laughed at me.  I told him that I hope he gets bitten by a bedbug and to shut up!

I know that I can easily get myself worked up over nothing.  I have an overactive imagination, I always have.  This is the not the first time I've managed to scare myself and ended up getting laughed at by my husband.  I hope it's the last time though.  My heart can't handle it!


  1. Get a gun or better yet,..a big old barking dog! I too have weird things go through my mind though not the scary kind. Wishing yu peace.

  2. I can get myself worked up over the slightest thing. No guns for me. I'd be too afraid of it being in the house and I'd never use it and I'm not much of a dog person, way too needy for me:)

  3. All three times my husband has been gone I leave all my lights on... have the TV going and lock myself in the bedroom. I'm creeped out when I'm home alone. Glad it doesnt happen too often.