Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Embarrassed? Not Me!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Pittsburgh with two of my friends, Joleene and Stephanie, to see the NKOTBSB tour.  Now I know I had complained about it some, the week was so hectic for me that my head was just spinning, but as I suspected we had a great time!  We had our matching shirts and twizzlers for the car ride.  We talked non-stop for the three and a half hour long trip about everything from our families to Disney to our favorite TV shows.

Once we found a place to park near the arena, we made a mad dash into a Barnes and Noble to pee and change into our concert outfits.  Joleene got her flirt on and asked the parking attendant for restaurant ideas and we headed out to find some food.  We ended up at this total dive bar but it was less than half a block from the arena and there was a sign outside welcoming all NKOTBSB fans so we thought, hell why not!

It was a very good choice!  I got a pulled pork sandwich that was quite yummy and only $7.  Jo and Steph's meals were similarly priced and equally tasty.  But the best part was... the jello shots!  They were only a dollar and mixed drinks were only $4!  Let's just say that we partook, is that a word?  The owners, a man that looked just like my dad and a woman with a southern accent seemed to think we were just adorable, catering to everything we asked for.  Even setting aside jello shots just for us.  We met 2 guys that played with a traveling church music group and made them have a jello shot with us.  We were probably annoying, but hell we had a blast!

Our first of many jello shots of the night.

Oh did I mention there was a shot girl?

It's been a few hours and many drinks later.  Can you tell?

Drunk Twittering Donnie Wahlberg:)

These are those church boys, they may never be the same.

Waiting for the show to start.

Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Jon and Danny!

Lone shot of Joey (I think) and the crowd.

A curtain of sparks.

Now add in BSB

Finale.  Boston was just about to win the Cup, BOO!

So I know that most people out there that may come across this post will think that we're losers or stupid for going to this concert, but you know what?  I don't care!  We had such a good time.  We met other girls there that had such a good time.  I don't say anything about others people's loves or obsessions or whatever.  I loved every minute of it and I know if New Kids tours again, I'll be there:)


  1. It does look like fun was had by all! And, you look like you had great seats....you got some really good pictures! I am a little old to have loved these guys like you did - but, here is a little secret....I can sing along to almost ALL of their songs...so there!

  2. Kayla, that only makes you more awesome!

  3. I am a little old for them too, but I am still jealous. I would love to go to a U2 concert with my girlfriends again (even though I am mad about Spiderman).

  4. I say, if U2 tours again make a pact with your girlfriends that you'll go. No matter what. That's what we did and I've now seen NKOTB 6 times in less than 2 years!