Monday, April 4, 2011


Have you even had a perfect weekend?  One that just felt so nice and relaxing.  I just had that weekend.  It may seem boring to some people.  It would have seemed like it was to me at one point in my life, maybe even next week I'll look back and feel like we did nothing spectacular.  But right now, it was just so good.

On Friday we went to McDonald's for dinner.  Annabelle has just become brave enough to play by herself in the play center there.  Before someone would have to go with her, usually Mark because those tubes make me claustrophobic.  Now she'll hang out there for as long as possible, sometimes attaching herself to another little girl and becoming best friends almost immediately.  After we played and ate, we headed on over to BJ's.  Usually I feel like we're so rushed in there, running up and down aisles at warp speed, but we decided to take it easy.  Letting Annabelle out of the cart to try out all the different patio sets they had out and perusing the book area for almost 20 minutes.  It was so relaxing and nice seeing what kind of books Annabelle found interesting.  The to cap off our night, we went to Coldstone for some ice cream.  Again we let Annabelle pick whatever she wanted.  We usually steer her towards something we know that she'll eat, strawberry, chocolate.  But she wanted the neon purple mixed berry frozen yogurt with gummy bears.  At least she enjoyed it is all I have to say because it was gross.

Saturday we went to brunch at my Aunt Pattie's house.  All I have to say is yummo!  Cinnamon rolls, eggs, french toast bake, bacon, sausage, bagels, and tones of fruit with a side of mimosa.  Oooo I ate so much but it was so good.  After we got home I was feeling woogie.  You know when you want to be doing something, anything.  Just not in your own house.  So Mark decides we should go to Dave and Buster's for dinner and some games.  We went through that $30 of game tokens fast, but hell we had fun so that's all that matters.

Then Sunday we decided to call up my in-laws to see if they would want to feed us and let us watch the Sabres game.  Luckily they had no plans and were up for some company.  My mother-in-law made grilled chicken sandwiches and french fries while we watched the hockey game in the living room.  Luckily the Sabres won the game, so we were happy the get those 2 points and a full belly in the process.  I wish every weekend could end up so nice:)

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