Friday, April 15, 2011

Play Offs!

There is nothing more spectacularly better than play off hockey.  Wait, I mean Sabres play off hockey.  I don't care about any of those other 15 teams in the play off race.  I just want that big shiny cup being parades through Washington Square downtown.

Yesterday was game one of the Stanley Cup Quarter Finals for my Beloved team and we won!!!  Oh My Goodness, I forgot how crazy the play offs can feel.  All day long, I listened to sports radio, listening to people talk about the team.  When game time came around, I was a basket case!  My hands were fluttering around like a spazzed out bird, covering my eyes when the penalty kill still going on, Gaustad without his stick.  EEK!  Squeaking and yelling at the TV screen when Patty Kaleta, a home town boy, FINALLY scored.  Telling the players on the ice what to do- get the puck out, shoot it, knock that guy down, get away from my goalie Danny Briere or so help me! 

Yeah I was a little bit nuts.  But it feels so good to win, to dream, to hope.  Buffalo deserves some good news and a big win, a cup, anything would be awesome.  I love the way my city comes together, all rooting for those 22 guys on the team.  You see jerseys and t-shirts and car flags and silly guys with their faces painted all over town.  Now I have to wait all the way until Saturday afternoon, 5pm to be exact, until I can feel that rush again!  It has got to be better than any drug out there.

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