Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Love...

was Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, I was 11 years old.  I remember I was in 6th grade and writing I love Joey forever on my book covers, all of them!  I can remember how excited I was when I got my Walkman and their first two cassette tapes for my first trip to Florida to visit my Grandpa and see Disney World.  I can remember taping everything that I could find on TV to watch over and over, buying every magazine with their pictures in them and taping them to every square inch of wall space in my bedroom, even the ceiling.  I had the comforter and sheet set and made sure I slept with my face next to Joey's every night.

And then I grew up, New Kids faded but I always had a sweet spot for them, even though people would pick on me to hear of my love for them.  Then in 1999, Joey released a solo album and the song did well here in Buffalo, not great but everyone would know it.  That year both he and Jordan Knight came to Kiss the Summer Hello.  It's a concert that is held every year by a local radio station and they get 8-12 bands to come and perform.  I was so there.  I slowly scooched my way as close to the stage as I could when Joey was up there.  As he sang a slow song, Mark lovingly tried to put his arms around me.  I pushed him away from me, what if Joey thought I was with him!  Gah!

Then fast forward to 2008.  NKOTB made a new album, their first in almost 20 years.  They were touring!  Swoon!  My friend Steph and I were in like Flynn baby.  We went out and made a date to buy the CD together the day it came out, we went to our first of 5, yes that's 5, concerts together in a 9 month period.  After the first concert, in Toronto, we were hooked.  We had such a good time that we convinced our husbands and 3 others friends to go to Cleveland to see them 12 days later.  This time we made shirts and brought our cameras.

Krissy, Angela, me, Stephanie, and Joleene

Seriously, we are freaking awesome!  We got so many great comments on our shirts.  Strangers stopping us in the restaurant we ate dinner at before the show and asking to take our picture.  We were a hit and we loved it!
When the show started, we took hundreds of pictures between the five of us.  Here are a few.

Then in March 2009 we decided to go to another concert, this one was in Pennsylvaia somewhere.  We made new shirts, the old ones said 2008 and it's now 2009.  These shirts were racier and got an even bigger response from people who saw them.  I sorta can't believe we did it but oh, we had so much fun!

This time we had handprints on our lady parts that said Joey was here.  Risque, no. :)
Stephanie and I then tried to win tickets on a radio contest and holy moly!  We actaully did!  Oh the screaming that ensued, the shaky hands!  We were headed to L.A.  We opted to stay one extra day since they had only planned on flying us there one day and home the next.  We saw the Hollywood sign, walked the Hollywood walk of fame, watched them shoot the movie Zombieland, plus the concert.  We did so much in those 3 days.  That was concert number four, all in different states or in the case of Toronto, a whole nother country.  But finally they decided to come to Darien Lake, one of our local amusement parks.  We tailgated ate many, many, many Jell-o shots and complimented our cool shirts with some headgear (I wasn't thrilled with it, but I went along with it so that I wouldn't hurt my friend's feelings).

Our signage we made for tailgating.

A shadow photo of our headgear.
All of this is leading up to the fact that I'm going to another New Kids concert in about 2 and a half weeks in Pittsburgh.  They are touring with Backstreet Boys.  I was supposed to help make new shirts yesterday but my migraine side-lined me all day.  I'm not quite as excited as I was during our first crazy run.  Some of the magic has left me but I'm sure once I'm in the middle of it, I'll feel as giddy as my 11 year old self again.  Screaming my head off for the Five Beantown Boys that I will always love, no matter how long I live.  You never forget your first love. :)

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