Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating Almost 5 Years Old.

This past weekend we celebrated Annabelle's 5th birthday with our family.  She will be having 2 more parties, one with her friends from school and one with our "friend -family",  both next weekend.  All of these birthday parties are confusing her a bit but she is enjoying her moment(s) of glory.

Monday was hot and humid, hovering near 90 degrees but we won't complain after a record breaking spring for rain.  The kids ran around like monsters and played so nicely while the adults hung out in the garage and sipped a cold beverage of their choosing.  Having both my family and Mark's family all together always causes me extreme discomfort.  They are so different from each other, and while they both deny it, the Grandma's both are competing for attention.  It doesn't matter from whom, me, Annabelle, whatever.  But they both want to win.  Luckily everyone played nice (though they always do), and we had a great time.

One sweet pose with the cousins, Austin and Anya.

Did we really need more Polly Pockets?  Yes we do!

Thanks for the new horn for my bike Uncle Keith.  (Mommy doesn't thank you though, lol!)

Oh the face!  Can you even stand it!  She was opening her new scooter that she'd been asking and asking for.

My sweet girl is all ready to go fishing with Daddy.

Again, the face!  I'm in love with it!  She's all set to swim in her new pool that mommy, daddy, Oliver grandma and papa got her.

The first try on the scooter.  She thought she would get it immediately and was disappointed that it was harder than she thought it would be.  We have to practice.

Then it was cake time!  If you look closely you can see that the tower is propped up with shishkabob skewers.

Here's a close up of the Rapunzel Tower cake I made for her.  It was so cute!  And then it fell over and was kinda ruined.  At least I got one good pic before hand.

Birthday girl gets the tippy, top tower.

It was a happy and messy birthday party!
We had a fabulous Memorial Weekend.  We spent lots of time with friends and family and simply enjoyed ourselves.  I think that there is no better way to honor then men and women who fought for our country than this.  I hope your weekend celebrations were just as wonderful as ours!

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