Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have mentioned my GNI (Girl's Night In) girls before.  There are 8 of us and while we are very different from each other, our dynamic just works.  We have girls that are very outgoing and others that are more subdued but these girls have been there, officially the GNI girls since October 2003, just 6 days after my wedding.

Normally we get along just great.  Our monthly get-togethers are full of fun and laughter.  We can talk about everything and anything, and we do!  I'm sure our husbands would cringe at some some of the knowledge that the others girls have learned. :)  We had our last GNI for the summer this past Saturday ( July and August are just too busy to try to get enough of us together).  All was going good; laughter, great food, catching up on the past month's news, that is until the very end of the night.

One friend mentioned that she was talking with her husband and they thought we should try to get together with the husbands too every month.  Now it's hard enough to get just the girls together, now we need to throw in the men and possibly kids, because it can be hard to find a sitter.  If everyone of us is there, that's 30 people!  It's hard to find a house with that kind of room.  So we all just said we can try but it can't be monthly.  At that point it really went downhill.  The friend with the suggestion, thought we had shot her down when we really just wanted to let her know that it couldn't be a regular thing.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so later and me and two other girls are outside (everyone else had left already) getting ourselves upset over our friend being upset!  We stood outside talking for over an hour going over everything.  The reasons why we couldn't always get together, the reasons we should try harder.  The husband, I guess, mentioned that we only get together (everyone) one or twice a year.  Well we figured out that between kid's birthday parties, the Halloween and St. Patty's Day parties, our GNI Christmas party, that it ends up being between 9-10 times that we get to see each other.  Plus add in the occasional game night, beach outing, Sabres/Bills game party, we see each other a lot!

We know that this particular couple doesn't like having even a moment of free time or they're bored but I am not like that, and neither are most of my friends.  We're unsure if this has anything to do with the fact that they get jealous when other people from the group get together without them or what, but it is getting annoying to me.  Trying to get 16 adults to confirm one date to just hang out aka drink to much, is hard to do and I don't really want to, I'm not a big drinker.  I know that this will blow over but right now, it's really bothering me.  Blah!


  1. I'm so anti-social, I can barely my out once a month. Kudos to you guys for doing so much - and try not to let it stress you out!

  2. I've let it go but sometimes being this close with this many people has it's obstacles!