Monday, June 13, 2011

A Cute Chick

I have mentioned before that Annabelle is a crafty kid, so I thought I would show off some more of her work.  About two weeks ago we pulled out the Play-Doh and sat outside and made some little characters.  Mark was working hard on the deck and had to keep stopping to check on Annabelle's progress (and mine).

Annabelle's little birdie creation is on the left.  It's a Mother Bird and her Baby in their nest.  Mine is on the right.  A nest with two eggs and a Mother Bird.

A close up.  I love the big fat legs.  They are my absolute favorite.

She was so proud of her little birdies.

Then she insisted that my eggs needed to hatch, so I made a Baby too.
We had such a fun time using our imaginations together.  I am amazed almost daily on Annabelle's artistic abilities.  My grandmother can draw really beautiful pictures and my cousin Emma is going to college to become an artist/animator.  Her dream is to work for Disney some day.  It looks like the artist vibe is going to continue with my Annabelle. 

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