Monday, June 27, 2011


Last Sunday, Father's Day, we went out to do some strawberry picking.  The season would soon be coming to a close and both Mark and Annabelle were jonesin' for some home-made strawberry jam.  So after brunch at my mom and dad's house, we took a drive on over to Greg's U-Pick for a few hours of strawberry fun.  I ended up with sunburn and a rash all over my arms, Annabelle fell down and scraped her leg up, but we ended up having a really fun time.

Hitching a ride over to the strawberry fields.

She got right in there, picking away.

The perfect strawberry!

Dad, can we go soon?

All of Annabelle's berries.

Heading on back so that we can pay.

14 quarts and $40 later.

We ended up making 13 ten ounce jars of strawberry jam and 4 sixteen ounce jars, plus a huge amount of sugared strawberries for strawberry shortcake and 36 ounces of strawberry juice.  I'm pretty sure we are going o be all strawberried out but it was all worth it!

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