Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obsessing Again!

This week is so crazy busy!  I can't wait for next week when things can (hopefully) calm down.  Between Annabelle's last day of school,her graduation, driving to Pittsburgh for the NKOTBSB concert and 3 kids from her class asking for play dates (all whom we've never had a play date with before), I have too much going on.

But I learned that Disney has opened up their 2012 pricing.  Gah!  What is a girl to do when she has an idea in her head but the hubby seems reluctant?  I know he'll come around, he always does.  I've spent the last 2 days on Disney's website pricing out different dates and months.  I know that there is no way that I'm booking anything until at least the spring but I just need to have an idea of what we'll be spending. 

This time my mom and dad are going with us.  When I mentioned possible prices for next October, my mom was totally on board and said that my dad was thrilled to go to.  I want to stay in the new Arts and Animation Resort so bad! It looks so awesome and it's still a value resort! We're thinking of getting one of the family suites which will be fun.  So I hope that my ideas come to fruition.  I'm definitely not going to talk about this anymore because who wants to listen to anyone jabber on about their upcoming vacation?  Not me, makes me jealous, even if I've just gone or planned one myself.  But right now Disney is in my head and it has lodged itself pretty firmly in there. 

In about a week or so, I will have shelved Disney World and all it's wonderful-ness because there will be so many more things to be thinking about.  Play dates and amusement parks, the Erie County Fair and getting ready for Kindergarten, plus Annabelle will be going to a language arts summer camp for five weeks.  It's to help her brush up on her letter recognition.

But yeah, the obsession will kill me if it goes on too much longer.  I'm going to try to stay away from all things mouse related until I have some more details, free dining, major hotel discounts, things of that nature.  Then the obsession will grow again:)

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