Friday, August 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces

  • I was looking at some of my stats yesterday and the top search was Donnie Wahlburg's girlfriend.  If I were his girlfriend that would be the name of the blog.  I wouldn't be hiding the fact:)
  • My dad got the best possible news about his knee yesterday.  A loose knee cap.  I guess it will occasionally shift around on him but no need for surgery right now.  Maybe knee replacement down the line but not for a few years.
  • I decided to keep track of the books that I read this year.  So far I'm almost done with #40 with two more in my queue.  I'm pretty impressed with that number.  I thought I'd be at around 50 for the year so mid-August and at almost 41.  Awesome!
  • I am eagerly awaiting this coming Monday at noon.  Advanced dining reservations open up for the brand spanking new restaurant, Be Our Guest, in Disney World will open up.  We will luckily be in Disney for this and I so, so, so want to go eat there!
  • Just over three more months until vacation and I'm crafting up a storm.  I'm making super cute shirts for us to wear at Disney.  I'm going all out because we know we won't go back until Annabelle's older and much of that magic will be gone.
  • In a little less than two weeks, my girl will be a first grader!  Where is the time going?!
  • She is starting to get nervous about first grade though.  It happened when she started Kindergarten too so I know she'll be fine but it doesn't help her right now.
  • I have officially finished all of Annabelle's school shopping.  If I buy her any more clothing her drawers are going to burst.  I tell myself everytime not to go crazy on clothes but when you see the cutest little leggings and pink sweater coat, well I just have no will power at all.
  • On Wednesday, it was me and Mark's 17 year dating anniversary.  He may claim it doesn't count but without it, we wouldn't be getting ready to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss, the house, the cat,  the kid.  None of it. 
  • We're having a big party at my in-laws house this Saturday to introduce the entire family to Joy, My BIL girlfriend.  I feel sorry for her because the Gmerek side of the family is a little overwhelming.  At least they were to me the first time I met them all.
  • Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So much happening, and gosh, first grade already? Time really flies!

  2. We are going to Disney in June. I need to see about that Be Our Guest place!