Friday, March 18, 2011

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I have a very open mind on this subject. I like to watch Ghosts Hunters on SyFy. I love that they have been to Buffalo on numerous occasions and always seem to find ghosts and things that bump in the night. I also have read, as Annabelle would say, super lots of ghost stories. Ones that are supposedly true. I think that there is something else out there and a way for people who have died to make contact with the living.

I've been reading up on haunted New Orleans lately. It would be so much scary, fun if we had our own little encounter. I'm not talking about something major but a weird photo or strange sighting. I just want my own experience.

I may have had a small ghostly encounter when I was in LA with a friend but then again, we may have just scared each other. Nothing may have happened but I'm going to say there was a possibility. Staying at an old-time haunted hotel can do that to you. And when you have another person there scaring you even more... well let's just say it's really very easy to let your imagination go wild.

But beyond my maybe ghost encounter and my slight hope for one, I really believe because my mom says she had one. My mom sometimes (OK , almost always) exaggerates but I believe her story with my whole heart. It's not a scary story, it's one of comfort for her and because I know the story, for me.

My father's mother, Grandma Jean, died back in 1979. She was only 54 years old when she had a massive brain aneurysm about a month before my first birthday. It was devastating for everyone that knew her. All of the stories I hear are of her kindness, her loving, her laugh. She is a person that I missed out on, which sucks. But anyway, the night after her funeral my mom said she went to bed. She was tired and sad and angry and confused, not a good way to fall asleep. When she woke up sometime in the middle of the night, she could feel something on the bed near her. It was my Grandma Jean, wearing the dress she was just buried in. She told my mom to not be sad, that she would be watching over her family. That she loved us all so much and that she was OK. My mom never said anything back to her, she was stunned. And my Grandmother just faded away.

I know it could be a dream that she had just to make herself feel better. Maybe that's what it was. I know that I've had so many close calls out there. When I was so sure that something bad was about to happen and then something changed that progress. I like to think it's my Grandma, watching over me.

I think that someday I will see her again even though it won't be for a long time. When my Grandpa passed away, my dad's cousin (a nurse) was there with him. She said that he whispered Jean right before he took his last breath. She told me that she felt like there was someone else in the room at that moment. She said it was my Grandmother. Was it just a story that she was telling me to make me feel better? Again, maybe it was. But I choose to believe that there is a love that she had that led my Grandfather out of his painful existence and into a wonderful one with his two of his three wives, siblings and parents and friends.

So yes, I can say with complete certainty that I believe in ghosts.

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