Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Blanket

I am mildly crafty. I like to scrapbook and make things from scratch, like cards or invitations. I also like to crochet. My mom taught me when I was in college. Mark had just bought his first brand new car, a Mercury Cougar, with cash! Just an awesome side note, we have never had a car payment except for the 3 years that we leased a Jeep. We have paid cash for every other vehicle we have owned. Mark is so fiscally responsible:) But anyway, I wanted to make him a blanket to keep in his new car just in case he ever got stranded. He worked in Orchard Park, which is in the snow belt and a 35 minute drive from home. So my mom taught me how to make a simple pattern.

I ended up loving to make things with my own two hands. I've made "love" blankets as part of wedding gifts a couple of times and I have made baby blankets for every single one of my friends and my sisters babies. That is well over 20 baby blankets. Every blanket has been different. I've never made the same pattern twice. I wanted each one to be unique. I spent many, many hours pouring over patterns and working my fingers to the bone to make them perfect.

Most of my friends seemed happy to have the blankets but I'm not sure if they were ever used. My one friend Joleene, loved all her blankets. She told me she and her husband fight over their love blanket and both of her kids baby blankets were used constantly. It makes me happy to know she appreciated the time I spent and loved them as mush as I did.

My other friend that I know liked her blankets is Nicole. I made a special Angel blanket for her first son. She had wanted a baby for so long and after almost 5 years of trying, she got pregnant using IVF. Now she's pregnant with baby boy #2 and I just finished his blanket. It is the cutest darn thing. I just had to brag:)

Seriously, could it be any cuter! Nicole has gotten the two best blankets out of all the ones I have made. I can't wait to give it to her. We just have to wait until May.

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