Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fancy Dinners

Or at least fancy according to Annabelle.  Last night I made Caribbean Stir Fry, one of me and Mark's favorites.  But the little girl isn't a huge fan so I planned on giving her some left over pasta and nuke her a turkey meatball from the freezer.  But that is not what she wanted.  She begged for something "fancy", said in a French-ish accent.  Then she decided to make it all on her own.  Here is her Fancy Menu:

  1. Half of an apricot jelly sandwich with Cheetos inside.
  2. Four dinosaur nuggets with Ranch dressing.
  3. A handful of cherries.
  4. Five baby carrots with more Ranch dressing.
  5. A mini chocolate covered donut.
It may not be the healthiest thing she could have eaten but she got four out of the five food groups.  I'm calling it a win.  She didn't whine or have me have to tell her to start eating fifty gabillion times like every other day and she was happy.  Our ideas of what a fancy dinner should be like may be different but we were all smiling at the end of the night, and that is what counts!


  1. Wow! That's impressive and I love that you gave her that freedom. I think that it's not something we as parents can do all of the time but I bet you gave her lots of confidence and made eating fun! She'll be a little foodie someday!

  2. Hey, fancy restaurants are always switching things up, who knows, maybe that's gonna be next season's hot items!