Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This was the first super busy day of our overly busy weekend.  Annabelle and I went to the zoo in the morning with her class.  It rained... and rained and rained and rained.  After spending as much time as humanly possible in all of the indoor exhibits, the teachers decided to just give up and call the bus garage to send the buses over an hour and a half early.  We were a bunch of little drowned rats even with the rain jackets and umbrellas. 

Once I got home I took a long, hot shower to warm up and then it was about time to start getting ready for my cousin's wedding.  Mark got home, took a quick power nap (he had a golf outing at work, and they played in the rain) and then got ready himself.

Yes, he is ironing his tie while still wearing it.  So resourceful!

 The normally 20 minute drive, took us over an hour to get downtown!  We knew all about the Gus Macker Tournament going on so we made sure to leave about 45 minutes before the wedding was to start.  What we didn't know was that there was also the Taste of Country concert going on as well.  We had to pay $20 for parking which is freaking outrageous and we missed the ceremony.  I know we weren't the only ones to be late but I still felt bad.

We ate so much yummy food and Mark tried a fairly large amount of the micro beers, so he did some dancing as well.  We had a good time seeing and talking to some family members we don't see often.  The grooms 7 year old son was the life of the party, dancing.  He had some moves, let me tell you!  Even my dad danced and he NEVER does that!  All in all, fun.

Me and my hubs.

My mom and dad, still going strong almost 35 years later:)
After all of that, we had to head back towards home to hang out with ours friends for a ten year vow renewal.  I honestly thought, we would have a total blast, hanging out with our friends, dancing, being silly.  Except no one was dancing, no one seemed to be having any fun whatsoever.  I won't lie, I was disappointed.  We left a good party with great music to be the only ones on the dance floor, with everyone staring at us.  Yuck.  But we were troopers and stayed til the end.  It was still nice to see our friends, just not what I expected.

This was only day one of our very busy weekend and I was tired already!


  1. Love the photo of your husband ironing his tie! That made me laugh. Sorry about the rain and the disappointment. Thank goodness we have many more summer weekends to come!

  2. I agree...the ironing of the tie was hysterical. Although my husband once ironed our comforter while it was on our bed....goofy guys!

  3. Awe I'm so sorry the second party didnt' work out. I hate that! Glad the first one was fun though!