Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Officially Over

Friday was Annabelle's last day as a Kindergartner.  She was so ready.  The weather has been hot and humid, nearing the 90 degree mark on quite a few days.  I came up with my new picture taking idea.  I took pictures of her on the first day of school and I decided that I would take pictures on the last day as well.  That way I can look back and see if she looks much different from day one to day one hundred eighty.

The first day photos.

And the last day.

I'm going to first grade!

She still looks so small next to that bus.

Now I'm hoping for a fun and relaxing summer. 


  1. You have such an adorable family Jaime! It was a great Idea to take pictures of the 1st and last days of school.

  2. Gosh she's grown up! What a sweetheart! Happy summer to y'all!