Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Baby's All Grown Up

Today was Annabelle's first day of pre-k. There were a few tears shed by me, watching her walk away from me for those two and a half hours. She did so good. I had thought that we might have an issue when she asked if I would be there to take her to the potty at school. Her face had that deer in the headlights look when I told her no. But she just walked right in. It even took a few moments to get her attention to say good bye and blow a kiss.

I thought last week that I would have no problems letting her go. Other friends were whining on Facebook about their nervous stomachs, letting go of their little boys and girls but I was oddly unfazed.
But as I watched her playing in the little kitchen area, I had flash backs of her as a baby. Bald as a little chick well past 18 months. Helping her learn to walk, talk, use utensils, dance. All the little milestones and stats that I religiously jotted into her baby book. Now I get to record her first day of school into that book. Pictures, date, time, teachers names, all there for her to look back on someday when she has little ones of her own. So shoot me if I shed a tear or two. I'm only human, a silly human being with a mother's fragile heart.

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  1. The first day is just the beginning. Just wait till the first day of HS. and then the first day of college.

    You will have that same feeling. It never gets any easier.