Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do You Have a List?

I was talking to some of my girlfriends the other day and we were discussing our crushes, likes and dislikes of specific features on a man. The guys that make us swoon or watch a particular movie just because he happens to be in it. So then we started talking about our lists.
You know, your list. Of men that you're given a pass for by your husbands. Everyone out there has at least a handful of people that they would love to "be" with. I'm assuming, for most people, that this list is rather unattainable, so basically fantasy and safe. So I've been thinking about who my IT guys were and thought I would put it out here in cyber-space. Just in case one of them happened by and thought they would what to check me out, then they would know where to find me. :) In no particular order they are:

Johnny Depp

He's kinda weird and quirky but he just does it for me. Those black eyes and the cheek bones and just the whole package. I mean if you can look hot as a drunken pirate than you must look good all of the time:)

Mark Salling

He plays Puck in Glee and there is just something about this bad boy. When I'm watching the show, my eye is automatically drawn to him in every scene.

Ewan McGregor

Now he's not normally my type. I like really dark eyes and dark hair but I just can't help but love Ewan. He can sing and dance and has the cutest Scottish accent. I love his smile and just about everything about him.Zac Efron

He may be young but he's still legal:) I get a rush just looking at him. My friend and I made complete fools of ourselves in front of a movie poster of him when we were in LA last year. He is the only reason to watch High School Musical.Paul Gaustad

I look forward to Sabres hockey every fall, but having a "hockey boyfriend" as my husband calls him, makes it even better. He is the only one on the list that makes Mark mildly nervous. If I were to have a chance at any of these men, it would be Paul. He lives near-by and according to my husband I'm cute enough to get him:) Plus we share a birthday. We must be a match made in heaven.Ryan Reynolds

He's got a great body and he's funny. Need I say more?Orlando Bloom

If you don't like Johnny Depp than Orlando is probably the one who did it for you in the Pirates movies. The hair, the eyes, the accent. It's all good in my book.Eric Dane

Who wouldn't want a hot doctor? His name is McSteamy for a reason.

So what do you think of my list? Any additions I should make? I'm always open to adding on:)

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