Thursday, September 23, 2010

What To Do

Annabelle got invited to her first birthday party from a boy in her pre-k class. He is Russian and doesn't speak English very well. I'm not even sure that Annabelle knows his name. I'm sure she would love to go, it's at Rollie Pollies but I'm really unsure about what to do. We do have plans for that same day already, just later on at night. Do I really want her to be running around wild at the party and then be too tired to enjoy her first Sabres game?

I don't know this kid. What does he like to do? How do I decide what to buy him? I'm not trying to be cheap but I don't want to be spending mucho buckerinos on something I;m not even sure he would want to play with. I didn't think that we would have this issue until next year. So I'm conflicted. I think I might try to see what the other parents are thinking of doing and then maybe talking to his mom for some ideas of what he likes.

(On a totally different note, I'm up to 1.5 miles running on the treadmill. Just under half way to that 5k)


  1. I think its awesome your at 1.5. THat is where I am, but havent seemed to progress beyond. I am doing 9mile minutes. but truly exhusted when I am done. ; (
    Got any tips for me?

    AS for the pre K party. I wudl say DONT go.
    At that age parties should involve friends and family your child knows well.

    There will be plenty of parties in the future, for her to attend when she actually knows the kid and their interest.

    Hope this helped.

  2. Thanks so much soccermom. It did help me a lot. We aren't going to go to the birthday party. She will have planty of other birthday's to go to that she will REALLY want to go to. Coming sooner than I probably am ready for:)

    As for the running, I'm really only at a jog (13 min mile). You are making me want to work harder to catch up with you;) If I figure out how to make ourselves run faster and longer without being so tired I will let you know!