Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Our weekend was relaxing, thank goodness.  We still did so much but we were never rushed, had some fun, and got what we needed to do finished.

On Saturday I went to the Niagara Food and Wine Festival up in Canada with my friend Stephanie.  We drank a little bit of wine and ate some yummy food, like a Nutella crepe with bananas inside.  Can you say delish?  While I was there Mark took Annabelle to a play date with her friend Tessa and then out to a park to wade in Ellicott Creek.

On Sunday we planted our front garden.  We have lived in this house for almost 10 years and had yet to actually plant anything out front.  I'm hoping everything takes well because I so wanted some color out there.

We also finished cutting down the last of the trees in the backyard, so now I'm trying to find the best possible price for grinding the nine stumps we have back there.  Unfortunately everyone I call is so bust all I'm doing is leaving 10,000 messages hoping to get some calls back.

Monday was just a day for relaxing.  We slept in, had a big breakfast and went to the Marina for some strawberry soft ice cream, my absolute favorite.  All in all, it was the perfect weekend.  Now the busyness begins!

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