Friday, May 4, 2012

Poor Kitty!

We are having a rough pet week here.  Both of our fish have died and now we are left with just the babies.  There are about 10, sometimes we count more, sometimes less, but after three separate birthing experiences, we aren't sure exactly how many have survived.

But now our cat, Nigel, is sick.  We noticed he was acting weird and then stared peeing, everywhere.  We rushed him to the vet to find he has crystallization in his urine, basically like kidney stones and a uti for people.  The next day his peeing blood.  $500 later he is on 4 different prescription meds, special prescription food and he is locked into the bathroom until he gets better.

You should hear the swearing that comes out of my mouth trying to get him to eat his 4 pills twice a day!  I sound like a truck driver.  I hope he feels better soon because this is stressing me out!

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