Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Car

Tonight I get to pick up my brand new Toyota Rav 4!  It's Black Forest Pearl with a moon roof.  Annabelle was sold when she saw the moon roof, let me tell you.  I love the color.  It's a super dark bluish-green that looks like glitter has exploded all over it.  So girly, which Mark isn't thrilled with but it is technically my car.  I get the final say on color:)  I'm super excited. 

Ain't she purdy?
Our Buick Rendezvous was starting to go.  Nothing major, the transmission sometimes would clunk and some small electrical stuff was acting wacky, but we thought we would hold out for another year or so.  I don't know what made Mark change his mind but I'm glad he did.

We started car shopping last Monday.  We test drove six cars all in one day and by the end of it all, my head was spinning.  They all blurred together.  The only one I could actually remember was the Nissan Rogue mostly because Annabelle hated it and it was one of the two cars that I seriously disliked as well.  Except Mark really liked the Rogue and I thought he would be pushing hard for it.

Luckily he decided to leave it alone and we decided the Rav 4 seemed like a nice compromise for us both.  So we spent over four hours at a dealership on Saturday trying to get the best price.  We eventually walked away because it wasn't quite where Mark thought he could get.  Then yesterday, we're at another dealer for about two hours and still no go, their price was worse than the first place.  When we got home, we had a message on the machine from the first Toyota dealer asking us to call him back.  Mark and the dealer battled a bit back and forth and then made the deal.  I was happy dancing all over the place.

I can't wait until tonight!


  1. I love new cars. everything is so shiny and unsmudged :)

  2. You made me giggle with your super excited tale of a new car. We are gonna drive our van into the ground and then get a new one, probably be a few more years, oh well.... I'm glad you got a beauty. We like the "Rav" as well.

  3. Yippee! So exciting! New car smell!!! Yay!