Monday, July 19, 2010


Summer is so busy this year! Most of the people thatI know are married and already have kids by now so we don't usually have much to do over the summer. No weddings, showers, etc. But this summer is just flying by! Every weekend we've parties, get togethers, vacations plus we're building a deck which is taking forever! I'll probably speak on that subject soon because my head will explode if I don't.

There are only 6 more weeks or so until school starts for Annabelle. I feel like I need to fill every free moment with fun, crafts, playing, outings and trips because this is her last free summer before school starts. I know that it will be awhile before summer vacation will mean something to her but I can remember counting down the days until school started again. My husband still gets a jittery stomach every September remembering his anxiety being back in school.

I hope Annabelle really loves school. Making friends, learning new things, having a favorite teacher- all the new experiences that she will be able to start having in just 6 short weeks. So right now my house is a mess but I'll have more than enough time to clean up someday real soon.

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  1. Im right there with you. The summer has flown by. Im not ready for it to be over, so I know my kids arent ready to head back to school.

    I hate the fact that school starts so early here.