Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy/Daughter Day

Every day at our house is mommy/daughter day. I'm a stay at home mom and I can count on one hand the number of days I've been away from her for a whole day. So today I decided we needed to go to the Niagara Falls Aquarium together. It's only about a half an hour away but I always forget that it exists.

We've been there two other times. The first time, Annabelle was almost 2 years old. We had a birthday party there and while we were waiting for the sea lion show to start, she threw her shoe into the pool. Let that sink in. She took her shoe off of her foot and threw it into the water. She was sitting on my lap the whole time but I was talking so I didn't pay enough attention to her figiting. I only realized this happened when Ryan, a friend or hers, yelled, "Annabelle why did you do that?" When I looked down to see what she did, I noticed her shoe was off. Then I noticed a small brown shoe floating in the water. My friend was taking candid shots from across the pool and happened to catch every moment of my facial expressions as I realized what had happened. They are hilarious! (I tried looking for thos pictures but I can't find them. Grrr.) The sea lion trainer fished out the shoe for me and I was mortified.

This time there was no shoe throwing:) We watched penguins and fish and the seal lion show again. I bought her a small penguin stuffed animal and she got to feed the harbor seals. We were only there for a little under 2 hours but it was nice to have a change in routine. It was great to see her excitement at being able to touch shark teeth and seal fur and star fish. It makes all of the "bad" days worth it for our mommy-daughter bonding time.

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