Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Next Step

In two months from tomorrow, my little girl will be starting pre-k. The idea of that simply boggles my mind. One moment she was a sweet, chubby baby, barely able to hold up her head and now we are getting ready for school. Time goes by so quickly, and while I try to focus on the here and now with her, I am really very excited about this next big step. I can't wait to buy her a backpack and school supplies. And school clothes! I have had to buy her a new fall/winter wardrobe every year of her life for the past 4 years, it's the inevitable when you have a child that insists upon growing:) But this year, it will be school clothes. I want her to look cute everyday because it will not be just me seeing her adorable-ness.

I can't wait to see what she will be learning, meet her teachers, and watch her making new friends. I hope that she will love it. She is not much of a morning person and she is in the a.m. session (which I had asked for). I am worried that getting up, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, dresses, and out the door by about 8:50 will be almost impossible. I will do it even though it will probably involve lots of counting, threatening of time-outs, and eventually some good old fashioned yelling.

But even with some of those negatives, I'm looking forward to seeing my little bug march into that classroom and start one of the most important sections of her life. I'm sure that I will miss her some during that 2 1/2 hours she will be gone but I am looking forward to it as well. Time to exercise, clean the house or just watch TV. So my excitement is twofold. One part for Annabelle and one part for me.

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